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Being Brave

We aren't called to be comfortable.

Life itself begins in "the uncomfortable." The moment we come out of that warm, comfortable womb that we spent nine safe months in we are catapulted into a horrifying frenzy of light and fresh air and sounds and smiles and tears. Doctors spanking us, and nurses prodding us and people pulling at our limbs and washing us off, and our mothers saying hello. Our first moments of life as human beings are spent in utterly foreign discomfort. "Where the .... am I and what the ... is happening to me?!?" is more or less the initial thoughts in our little human minds.

So you see? We are meant to be uncomfortable. When we let the fear of the unknown, the possibility of worldly danger, or our own insecurities inhibit us from being brave, we suppress our full capacity and potential. We choose willingly, to not live a full life.

As John Champion says, "A turtle has to stick its neck out to move forward."

Easier said than done. Like a five year old who had a bad nightmare, last night I climbed into my parents' bed, nestled into a hug with my mom and promptly began to sob. Yes I'm 22 and maybe you find it weird that I did this, but hey I'm going to Africa and Asia for 8 months- it's a lot to take in. I'm scared of the dangers that are in that part of the world, I'm scared of not being happy, I'm scared of missing my friends and family, and I'm scared of the unknown. I know how many people have told me that this will be an amazing experience, and I know it will be, but I also kind of just want to bail. See ya later discomfort, you're not for me.

But I have to be uncomfortable in order to reap the benefits of this cruise. I have to stick my neck out to move, even if it takes me a little more time than most to do it.

So here I sit in the airport, ready to start this uncomfortable journey- this wonderful, exciting, unbelievable uncomfortable journey. I think about all of the many things humans have done that are way braver than me going on a cruise. I'm feeling like "Where the... am I and what the... is happening to me" but I also know that I'll be ok. I am a human, and therefore it is in my DNA to survive and thrive. And besides, I want to be brave! I don't want to be Suzanna who stayed in her warm, safe, cozy shell. I wanna be a badass turtle and stick my neck out.


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