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Top 24 of Year 24

24 was quite the year! Though it certainly had its lows, it had lots of highs too, and I'm entering 25 with lots to be thankful for! Here is 24 things that made my 24th year pretty dang memorable.

1. Climbed Mt Ida in Grand Lake, CO.


2. Spent a week with my God Daughter

3. Took my friends on a fishing date!

4. Moved to a new apartment- and made my besties my roomates!!

5. Got to have a RMRT reunion while celebrating Kristin O'Connel's Wedding!

6. Hosted my family for a week in NYC

7. Spent a snowy week singing in Grand Lake with some of my favorites

8. Toured around the country with More than Music- and got to sing in our National Cathedral

9. Got to see Harry Potter world for the first time, and had a quick visit with Grace Williams!

10. Spent many days taking care of this lil nugget.

11. Spent lots of days with my girls- auditioning, auditioning, auditioning! (And wearing virtually the same outfits.. can you tell we were at one of the 50 Mamma Mia auditions this season?)

12. Successfully threw a surprise NYC birthday party for Maggie Richardson!

13. Watched Bernadette Peters star in Hello Dolly from the Orchestra section!

14. Performed twice at the Bitter End (with the encouragement of Matilde Bernabei!)

15. Marched in the Fight For Our Lives: March for Gun Control with thousands of New Yorkers

16. Showed my cousins around NYC, and accompanied them to their first Broadway Show!

17. Walked across frozen lake Granby!

18. Proudly celebrated Ben graduating college in just 3 years. What a Champ.

19. Celebrated the first cousin to get married (on my mom's side)- Congrats Jeff and Ashley!

19. Had an awesome solo show in Denver, CO! So much fun!!

20. Met up with this guy in Miami for an awesome weekend!

21. He convinced me to get (and treated me to) my first tattoo.

22. Traveled to Vancouver with the Champion 4

23. Amazed by my parents incredible marriage- they celebrated 29 years together

24. Booked a Ticket to Peru and Bolivia with Josh Rigo... something to look forward to in year 25!

GOD IS GOOD. Thank you to everyone who made this year one to remember. Here's to 25!

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